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It’s a cute Miley Cyrus twerk parody. Funny dogs war with stuffed toys in this cute dog video.  PUPSCOUTS are donation dogs.  Our goal — a no-kill nation.

Video by Lola Teigland. For more information, go to the PupScouts page.

THE VIDEO:  TWERKING DOGS, Music by Necati Ozmucur, Lyrics by Lola Teigland.  Evil twerking bears descend upon the dogs.  A call for help goes out and dogs from all over the nation rally to stop the taunting toys.

THE PUPSCOUTS:  A national scouting organization like the boy scouts and girl scouts made up of socially responsible dogs and their people who like to earn badges and raise money / awareness for causes. They began in New York City with a group of prominent Fashionesta dogs.  The organization gained national attention when they appeared on Good Morning America.  Nightline followed, then National Geographic’s “Spoiled Rotten Pets”.

THE CAUSE:  We’re making rescue dogs chic.  Our goal — a no-kill nation.  “Fashion  and entertainment have become this popular, powerful force in the world,” says Lola Teigland, the official designer for the Pupscouts and troop artistic director. “Why not use that shared energy for good?  Dogs bring such joy.  We’re on a mission to make joy and with that, bring awareness to the cause.”

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