Cause Capitalism — Business with a Social Mission

I came in through the back door.  I set out to save dogs using my specific skill set. It grew into a line of designer dog clothes. The plan was that the line would explode and continue to save dogs on an even grander scale.

Pet Fashion Week in Japan.  The event gave the designers an opportunity to dig in the $10 billion Japanese Pet market.

Pet Fashion Week in Japan.

But I wasn’t smart.  I should have done some market research, at which point I would have realized that this was a tiny niche market where my grand intentions wouldn’t fit. Instead I did what most artists do, I went with my gut and started creating.

I wrote a mission statement,  built a website, designed a logo, labels. I bought the needed pattern-making tools, three dog mannequins, a bunch of sample fabrics and I was off to the races.  I set out to create a fashion-forward line of pet party clothes. I had been a designer for Albert Nipon and Christian Dior. The plan was to bring that same Seventh Avenue standard to the world of doggie couture.  It was exciting. It was inspiring. It was a financial bust.

Dog fashion doesn’t exist. Not on a measurable scale. Not in Los Angeles. Not in 2014. Yes, people buy clothes for their dogs and some are very fashionable. Usually it’s a dress or a coat intended to last the life of the dog without the desire for something new built into it. That’s not fashion.


Nintendo held a dog fashion show to promote “Nintendogs”. Gaming deity Shigeru Miyamoto was the judge.

With fashion comes desire. Fashion is the social experience that revolves around getting dressed.  It’s the parties, the press, the anticipation of what the next season will bring. It’s the stories the clothes tell; the characters we become when we wear them. It’s a tool of self expression; a shield to hide behind. It’s the hope that a dream will come true. It’s feelings personified… the future unveiled… it’s an involving experience.

That’s the world of human fashion. Dog fashion would be a different world, but it would be a world; a social place filled with activity, inspiration, hopes and dreams. I do believe that dogs enjoy the attention they get when they look especially cute. Mostly dog fashion would create a world for the dog owners.

We have become an isolated society filled with lonely people, hungry for social engagement and outlets for kindness. I think people enjoy fun experiences that allow them to step outside of themselves. Experiences where they can make a difference, maybe even change the world. A really cute dog in a cocktail dress that everyone fawns over gives you the power to do that.  It feels like the people are fawning over you!  Suddenly you’re the belle of the ball. It’s exciting.  Empowering.  Innocent.  Sweet.  Attach all that to a cause… it’s magic.

How do you create a market where a market doesn’t exist?

pampered pets.

People and matching pet clothes is a new trend.

I didn’t know. I Googled some stuff. Then I asked myself, what is the science of fashion?  How come fashion is so powerful? What gives it its allure? And can we use that to build an inspired world of dog fashion? I’m going to suggest an unlikely fiend to be responsible for the industry’s success.  The driving force in fashion is the person who will steal your idea and sell it for less.

We called them knock-offs, and their presence was known in every design meeting we had. We actually created the mystique of each season knowing that we had to do something new and unexpected, because if we didn’t, the knock-off guy would steal our business.

We were chased into excellence by our competition.  It inspired us to create something new. That “something new” is what built our brand. It also built anticipation. It excited people. It created followers. It turned fashion into a fun game, making people hungry to see what new feeling would be coming along to be experienced.

DQI want to bring that allure, that magic, that excitement to the world of dog fashion. I want to create a fun game.  My PupScout Troop is helping.  We’re planning a fun PR event March 29th where 10 or so dogs dressed to the nines will be shopping in Beverly Hills, filming as we go, stopping in some stores, ending at Pussy & Pooch for a cocktail party. This event promotes a west coast Dog Fashion Show several of us are producing, a show that will benefit rescues of the breeds in the show.

We also have a PupScouts cookie drive coming up to benefit no-kill LA . We’ve got some great marketing minds as part of the team. We have a booth at Woofstock where we will sell cookies and operate a photo kissing booth.

And we are planning a 4th of July fashion parade as part of the opening festivities when the Motion Picture and Television Fund retirement home opens their Dog park. We want to coordinate with the girlscouts and do a joint event. Our goal — in six months, we want to be well-known and well thought of as fashion-forward philanthropic dogs who are starting a trend.


We made Special Stuff for Woofstock!

Come see us at our Woofstock booth! We have our special “Lazy Mommy” line, plus samples, all at very special prices.

We’ll be with the Hollywood Pup Scouts  Troop #12 on Sunday, June 29, 2014, at La Cienega Park (Wiggly Field East). Address: 8400 Gregory Way, Beverly Hills CA from 11am to 3pm.

My line is all about specialty apparel items for dogs. We do special occasion dresses and boy suits,  and we do stylish harnesses.  For Woofstock, I focused on harnesses and harness dresses.  These are all versions of a basic step-in design, offering security, easy access and style. That’s what I look for in a harness, so it’s what I want to offer to you.

Below are images of the individual items.  Enjoy!

Woofstock Zig-Zag Harness dress, starting at $36. Come check it out!

Zig-Zag Harness dress, starting at $36. Come check it out!


The Green Elephant Dog Harness dress, starting at $36. Come check it out!

The Wizard Hat and Vest, starting at $30

The Wizard Hat and Vest, starting at $30  by

Our First Meeting PupScouts At CityDog

It couldn’t have come soon enough. All the snow at Christmas, then Mom’s redecorating fiasco. Me and Bear was having serious cabin fever. Finally it was time.  Time to visit with our friends. Time to plan big things. Time for our monthly PupScouts meeting!

This is Coco Puffz at our meeting at CityDog.  She was having so much fun running around and playing while the humans discussed business.

This is Coco Puffz at our meeting at CityDog. She was having so much fun running around and playing while the humans discussed business.

We met at City Dog Club, in West Los Angeles. What a place! They have the best humans there.  and it was so clean and bright, with really neat play things. They are our new rescue partners because they are letting us have all of our meetings there!

Me and Bear were in uniform and we looked SHARP! A lot of the girls had been to all the fashion shows in New York City so they had to stay home and catch up on beauty sleep. They got to meet our New York City PupScout friends at Puccini birthday party! The New York PupScouts raised a lot of money for the mayor’s alliance. They gave them a big check at the fashion show. Tovi was at the meeting, talking about his big party to celebrate his becoming AKC.  He raised a lot of money for Linda Blair’s rescue.

We had lots of business to discuss. We talked about Woofstock and we talked about our cookie drive. Woofstock is March 2. It’s a really fun event with games and contests and venders and lots of new dogs to sniff.  The pupscouts have a booth, so feel free to stop by and sample a cookie!  Our designer members will be selling some of their wonderful creations, too.


This is the cookie bakery’s packaging. Of course ours will be a little different, since it will be Pupscout cookies!

The most exciting topic of conversation was our cookie drive. We’re gonna make it a big giant event. The Dog’s Bark Bakery  is making our cookies and they are so yummy! We’re going to go visit the bakery and help out a little.  We’re going to raise a lot of money and awareness for NKLA. I don’t want to spill the beans here on all the fun details, some of which are still in our human’s brains. I just love how humans can think up such pleasurable ideas. The big moment won’t be until June. My mom is gonna make another video starring us, and we’re going to be on TV! But best of all, we’re gonna help our dog comrades, so less of our friends have to die just because they haven’t had time to find their new homes.

It’s pretty exciting to be a dog who does great things. All dogs do good things. It’s our job. But to to do great things… being a PupScout is pretty cool.  There was a mean lady that tried to tell us we weren’t PupScouts because only her dogs could be PupScouts.It was very upsetting for Bear and me.  For two months the humans bickered. All that is over now, because the government said that we all can be PupScouts! So we’re back on the road to doing great things. Please follow us on our quest. Me & Bear will be sure to write all about it here!

~Woofie Sweetthing & Elmore Buttercup Bear


Coco Puffz, Bear, Woofie, Jade and Goldie with Jenny and Nancy, sitting out in front of CityDog.


Roberta and Tovi, telling everyone about the badges they earned raising money for Linda Blair’s rescue.


Bear, looking snazzy in his uniform as he does some girl watching.


Pretty little Jade paying close attention to the discussion.


Tovi, smiling tor the camera while mom talked about his party.


There was some kissing among the ranks…


Woofie, enjoying the cookie discussion.

My Mom Decided to Redecorate. It Was Torture.

Redecorating sucks. I can tell you this is true, from a dog’s point of view. What is wrong with humans? Why do they need things to change?

bed - dog's point of viewThere we were, me and Bear, comfortably lounging on our bed — a bed that we LET Mom sleep in. I’m not sure she truly understands the gravity of that.  Suddenly she starts pulling everything apart! Pillows were flying. She was changing the colors!  The fabric! Me and Bear voted on it — none of this was necessary. Curtains came down, new ones went up.  We thought we were moving! We thought, if things went badly, that we might be left behind. Life had been so good since our shelter days. Was all that over? Would we soon return to that dark din of sorrow? We tried kissing Mom.  Kisses are supposed to fix everything.  She has no time for us! This was not looking good. Bear even started hyperventilating.  We were very happy with things as they were…

Well, the storm is now over and we are recuperating.  We didn’t move. We didn’t get left behind. The shelter was not in the cards. Mom just wanted a brighter world. She wanted the feeling of more space. We’re still cautious.  She’s guarding the rug like it’s Fort Knox. What? Does she think we will pee on it?  If she wants us to not pee in the rug, she needs to take us on long walks through the neighborhood so we can see our friends!!! We have made that abundantly clear.  We model her dumb dresses, the least she can do is allow us our social life. Human’s are a little slow on the uptake.

Here is the blog she wrote about the redecorating: MOM’S BLOG… We kinda like the new place.

We’ll write again soon!

~Woofie Sweet-thing & Elmore Buttercup Bear



Nokia Commercial Featuring THE PUPSCOUTS!

A canine Christmas!  A bunch of my besties and fellow pupscouts were in a Nokia commercial! Here is a preview…

That was a small taste of the Nokia commercial that will air soon.  My friends Jack, Isabella, and Shanna Olson, along with our other friends Chacho Hollywood, Coco Puffz, Anne Maria Tafoya, Sophia Loren, Schmiegelle, Jennifer Harrison, Debra Jo , Baby Banks, Emma Zen, and Dorothy Keil Moore filmed a couple weeks ago. The Nokia phone has an amazing camera, perfect for taking awesome pics of your favorite doggies. The full commercial is supposed to start airing this weekend– please let us know if you see it!

~Woofie Sweetthing & Elmore Buttercup Bear


Advice on Finding Love – Foster a Dog

eddie's-adventureFoster a dog. There is no better way to open your heart to feeling.  Taking a dog from the shelter and allowing him / her the space to find new life is a magical experience and a beautiful journey of love. Teach your children love. Be a foster family.


Eddie with his new friend, Lucky. I’ve never known a dog who was happier being with other dogs. He’s a delight.

Eddie just left. I found him on a Facebook post. A good Samaritan found him and took him to the shelter, thinking that would keep him safe. But the 15 year old senior’s future was bleak. He’s got a bad heart murmur, arthritis, infected teeth and bad kidneys — which means he’s probably on the last leg of his journey and not the most desirable adoption option. 3,131 people shared his story. The underground railroad of facebook dog adoption was set in motion.

Jill Gasparac saved him. He spent the weekend with us. Mesha Redenti, her lovely daughter, and their dog, Lucky, are driving him up to the San Fran area where he will stay with them for a week before Pamela Grant Goldman drives down from Simona to take him home.

To those of you who have never fostered a dog, you really should. It is the most fulfilling experience. You get to see a terrified little boy (or girl) come to life before your very eyes. You get to see how easily he forgives and starts to love again. It teaches you. It’s a lesson in happiness, a LESSON IN LOVE. The Beatles said it best — “and in the end, the love you take,
is equal to the love you make.”

I wish you great happiness in the time you have left, my darling Eddie. Bear sends his love. And Woofie, well…. he’s working on it.


Dear God: help me? Am i jealous?

We have a house guest named Eddie.  He’s a 15 year old chihuahua from the shelter and my mom told me to be nice to him. I hate him.eddie, dear god

He’s invading my entire world.  All he does is look in the mirror.  I think he thinks the dog in the mirror is somebody else.  Ha! How dumb is that! My mom thinks it’s cute and charming, so she picks him up and they look in the mirror together – GAG!   She’s supposed to do that with me!  He’s got that orphan-sad-eyed, thank-you-for-saving-me-this-is so-exciting glow.  It’s makes my mom treat him real nice, singing little songs to him — my songs!  And sounding all lovey-dovey!  I’m seriously traumatized.  And concerned.  What if my mom decides she likes him better than me and they send me back to the shelter?

That could happen.  I mean, I had a home and ended up in the shelter.  I’s a loud scary place. Who’s to say that couldn’t happen again?  Bear’s first family gaved him away to the shelter.  Maybe they thought the shelter is a nice place, like the word says — shelter –  like a luxury dog hotel or high-end medical facility or something.  WRONG!!  I mean they try, they’re not horrible people.  They just has a bad job and they has rent to pay. There’s just too many rejected and homeless dogs. People don’t let their feelings go in the direction to feel like us doggies is family, too. But they kiss us and love us like family, and so we believe we belong. Then they gives us up like used furniture. No wonder i is scared I’ll be replaced.  New things always look prettier than us old things, even if the new things is old!

Deep down in my soul, I have a feeling I’m not doing something right.  It’s a tug at my comfort zone that isn’t very comfortable.  Like when it’s dark and quiet it screams at me, ” how come you can’t be nice to the old boy?  He’s old! he’s sad!  He’s sick!  He’s unloved! And you have so much!”  I do have a lot.  But, I have reason to worry.  I’m not always a good boy.  I mean, I’ve been known to pee on the carpet — (that’s just between you and me). And I sometimes I set Bear up to get blamed for stuff.  Mommy loves him alot too.  THIS WAS MY HOME FIRST!!!!! How come everydoggie wants to take my place!!!
eddie! God
My mom says don’t be jealous.  Am I jealous?  God, am I jealous?  I don’t want to be jealous; how come I’m jealous?  I want to be a good boy who loves everybody and doesn’t piss people off.  I want to be confident and happy.  How do I do that?  What’s wrong with me?

When I look from above, I see Eddie is a nice boy who doesn’t have the world at his feet.  He’s kind of sad, doesn’t have a home or a person to love.  He’s not real pretty.  His people chopped his ears all funny and they cut off his tail.  And he’s got the most giantest ugly teeth that are too big for his mouth.  Some of them are even rotting!  I bet that hurts.  And he has a really bad heart murmur, so, at 15 years old, he’s pretty close to done with life.

I should be happy that my mom is showing him what love is, so when he tries again at life, he has a good taste in his mouth for the whole process.  I should be grateful that my mom is helping my lost and forsaken brothers and sisters.  I mean, isn’t that what a good PupScout does?  I really really want to be a good PupScout! How come I’m so inferior on all this?

Eddie copies Bear’s every move, and Bear really likes him.  Bear is just perfect.  Sometimes I’m not so happy about that and I gots to put him in line.  My mom lets Eddie sleep on her lap on the bed.  THAT IS MY SPOT!!!!!!

I’m going to go to sleep and hope he disappears.  Or hope that maybe God will help me understand and be a better dog.


The PupScouts Got a New Gig!


Hi Folks!  Woofie here.  Me ‘n Bear were just lounging on a pile of laundry when suddenly we got an email from our troop leader, and boy did she have some cool news!  We’re gonna spread cheer to seniors every month.  I bet they’ll tell us some good stories.  Jennifer is gonna tell you about it.

Tanks 4 reading. {{{{big smile}}}}

Thank you, Woofie, for letting me post on your blog.

At our last meeting we discussed setting up a monthly volunteer experience for our pampered pups to spread cheer to those in need of a little cheer.

I connected with the head of group activities / volunteering for the Motion Picture and Television fund. This 40 acre senior residential community is designed exclusively for entertainment industry retirees and spouses and provides a unique environment geared to this special group. They pride themselves on their many recreational and social activities, in addition to opportunities to interact with the working entertainment community. They are very dog friendly. Many of the residences have a dog(s).

The MPTF ( the Motion Picture and Television fund) is currently constructing a dog park on their campus exclusive for it’s residence. The Pupscouts will be visiting this dog park on a monthly basis to charm and delight our favorite senior stars beginning in early 2014 and most likely we will be apart of their grand opening.


Jennifer & Sugar Baby
Hollywood 12 Troop Leaders

Click here to check out their website!

TWERKING DOGS – Like & Share!

It’s a cute Miley Cyrus twerk parody. Funny dogs war with stuffed toys in this cute dog video.  PUPSCOUTS are donation dogs.  Our goal — a no-kill nation.

Video by LOLA canine couture  For more information, go to the PupScouts page.

THE VIDEO:  TWERKING DOGS, Music by Necati Ozmucur, Lyrics by Lola Teigland.  Evil twerking bears descend upon the dogs.  A call for help goes out and dogs from all over the nation rally to stop the taunting toys.

THE PUPSCOUTS:  A national scouting organization like the boy scouts and girl scouts made up of socially responsible dogs and their people who like to earn badges and raise money / awareness for causes. They began in New York City with a group of prominent Fashionesta dogs.  The organization gained national attention when they appeared on Good Morning America.  Nightline followed, then National Geographic’s “Spoiled Rotten Pets”.

THE CAUSE:  We’re making rescue dogs chic.  Our goal — a no-kill nation.  “Fashion  and entertainment have become this popular, powerful force in the world,” says Lola Teigland, the official designer for the Pupscouts and troop artistic director. “Why not use that shared energy for good?  Dogs bring such joy.  We’re on a mission to make joy and with that, bring awareness to the cause.”

Twerking Dogs is DONE!

bear & bears twerking dogs

My mom shot a video and me and Bear got to be in it! It’s called, Twerking Dogs, and she’s posting it any day now.

But the most important part — Mommy liked shooting me more than Bear!  Usually Bear gets the camera aimed at him the most because he’s slim and trim with long legs, which means he looks pretty in all the girly dresses.  But for the video, me and the camera were like best friends!  And now Bear treats me nice like I’m just as special as he is.  I think he’s eating humble pie, he-he.

It was a very fun experience.  We got to have lots of play dates with our pupscout friends. First Jade came over, and oh boy, is she ever pretty!  Then Issabella and Jack came over.  Mommy shot five pupscouts in our troop, and pupscouts from all over the country sent in footage.  I love my pupscout friends, because even though they are pampered with really good lives, they want to help the doggies that fell on hard times.  They want to do good things.  They want to make the world a better place.  I wish people were more like that.

Here are some stills from the video.  Mommy is talking to a friend who will advise her on the role-out so we get lots of views.  We’re gonna make lots of pupscout videos because we have our very own webisode.  So stay tuned!

~ Woofie Sweet-thing & Elmore Buttercup Bear

pupscouts in... twerking dogs

twerking dogs

My mom and her friend Oz wrote the song…

coco puffz twerking dogs

This is Coco Puffz. She starts the story off. It’s a parody of the Miley Cyrus VMA performance.


It’s a story about how the toys taunt us when mommy and daddy leave us alone with them.

the bears twerking dogs

These are the squeaking bears…

jade by pool twerking dogs

This is Jade. She was lounging by the pool when she got the call.

teaparty twerking dogs

Cynthia, Tikki, Paige, Minnie and Lola Bear were having a tea party (not to be confused with THE tea party) when they got the call.

sophia twerking dogs

Sophia Loren was dining at the Beverly Hills Hotel when the cry for help reached her.


Jack was on a play date at my house with me & Bear.

isabella twerking dogs

Isabella was there, too.

pupscouts 2

Lizza & Lisa are from Atlanta. They Immediately went to silence the squeakers in their toys. When a pupscout is in need, the ranks close in and help.

jade twerking dogs

Jade slipped into her uniform and killed a few toys, too.

ny pupscouts

New York troop #4 All met in Times Square.


That troop is the original troop and they have really dedicated members. You can always count on New York to help! They took carriages…


And some of them took taxis!

credits still twerking dogs

The dogs won round one in the toy war. You can only win if you decide to play the game. :)