A Season of Saving Dogs

The Beverly Hills Pupscouts holiday fundraising badge raised $965 for Wings of Rescue.


Most of it we raised at the flyout event.  It’s hard to hit up your friends because crowdsourcing has everyone asking for money for something important.  But at the flyout, when you see the greatness of this organization and you are committed to helping it, writing a check is easy.  We plan to keep raising money for them, so feel free to donate here or on their page.

12244674_506213289541372_4345903222096592804_oI’ve written a lot of blogs so far telling about what Wings of Rescue does and what we did up to this point. So I’m just going to talk about the actual weekend of events and how rewarding it was to be a part of it. It’s the coolest feeling ever. No matter what problems you have beating you down, when you see this many passionate people unified and saving this many lives, it is intoxicating. I’m convinced it is the same quality of energy that our forefathers felt when they came to America, and the same feeling when a person wins an Olympic medal.  Your heart fills with so much love, and there is no better feeling in the universe than feeling your heart so full that the love starts to fall out of your eyes.

It began on Friday morning when we arrived at the Van Nuys Airport.

12265800_506213616208006_2077382644523825024_oWe left most of the pups home because we wanted to help and not be a distraction. Coco Puffz and Leo represented for the troop. They manned the donation table while the rest of us were on sticker duty. People made $50 donations and they got a Wings of Rescue pin, and they got their name on a sticker that we put  on a crate. Rosie’s Barkery donated doggie cookies. We made sure that the planes had on-board treats on hand for their doggie passengers.12241015_506213632874671_1306697899874826097_o

All told, 1600 dogs were flown from our high-kill shelters to rescues and no-kill shelters in areas that don’t have a lot of dogs for adoption and therefore have kennel space. Wings of Rescue has become a hub of information between high-kill and no-kill shelters, so they’re constantly making lists of which places have animals, which places have room.  This was the holiday flyout, but they  have freedom flights all year long.11242436_506213582874676_1710733340747580283_o

FOX was filming the flyout for their Thanksgiving day special, “The All-star Rescue Dog Celebration” a heartwarming show honoring rescue heroes  from all across the country.  We were lucky enough to be invited to the filming of the show the next day.   At one point 45 Bulldogs graced the stage. When Dogs on Deployment were honored, an organization that fosters the pets of servicemen and women when they are deployed, servicemen and women filled the stage.   And all of the famous dogs of Instagram were there.  The show ended with a grand procession of the last two hundred dogs taking their freedom flight as they walked from the stage to the plane they would fly off on. I was so excited because I had my cell phone camera held high, and I could see the fantastic footage I was getting.  But it’s an ewn phone, and I had pushed the wrong button, so it wasn’t turned on!

This dog didn’t even make if off the tarmac! This boy and his mom fell in love with her and took her home.

IMG_1070 copy

If you love dogs, watch the show. It is not only a heart-warming and powerful series of stories, it alls helps save thousands of dollars through the money and awareness that it raises.

Check out this promo for “THE ALL-STAR DOG RESCUE CELEBRATION” airing this THANKSGIVING ON FOX 8-10PM! We need ALL RESCUERS to share and promote the show on social media. It’s crucial we get great ratings so that Fox continues to air this special each year to encourage people to rescue!!!!!!!





Help the Pupscouts Help the Pups

Honorary Wings Sponsors Stickers FinalBecome a part of the Wings of Rescue Holiday flyout by donating $10. We will put your name on a sticker like this one and attach it to one of the crates. This is the Pupscouts gift to the pups.

On Friday, November 20th Wings of Rescue will be sending over 1,000 dogs and cats to new homes around the country in their 2015 Annual Holiday Airlift.  This will be the largest airlift that they have initiated to date and the largest one on record anywhere.  Wings of Rescue will be giving these special animals the gift of loving homes and families just in time for the Holidays. You can help by helping to sponsor a dog. Each dog costs $80 to fly out, so we need to sell a lot of stickers for those crates! For larger donations, and for a pin with wings, you can donate directly to Wings of Rescue: http://www.wingsofrescue.org/donate/  The Pupscouts are separate from that. You get no pin, just the feeling of helping a great cause.
We chose Wings of Rescue to be the recipient of our Christmas fundraising project. They help so many dogs through their hard work and generosity, we wanted to honor that.  The pupscouts earned their sewing badge making their wings.  They will earn their Halloween badge on Oct. 31st when they host a fundraising booth at the Santa Monica Pet Expo. And they will earn their fundraising badge when they put all of the stickers representing the donations from all of you on the crates of the dogs flying out.
My personal vision is to have crates that are covered with stickers, for all to see the generosity of the dog community.  We will be posting a gofundme page in a few weeks, but feel free to donate here if you want.
Thank you!



My Kickstarter Campaign

 I wanted to start an anti-bullying campaign.  But promoting a negative felt wrong. I felt like a victim, and I refuse to become that.  So I came at it from the other direction, and I’ve started a kindness campaign!

It started from organic impulses. I have been being bullied for the past year. The fear and pain inflicted has been overwhelming. But whenever I hit that point, I would make something beautiful (I’m an artist) and that would always pull me out of it.  Art is like kindness, in that it’s what happens when you reach outside of yourself, add yourself to whatever you find out there, and then make something bright and new. 

Here is how it works. Give your heart to a stranger, take a video of it and post in on youtube with the hashtag, #MEANPEOPLESUCK

How cool would it be to build an army of individuals choosing to reach outside of themselves to a kinder and better world, rising above the mean people who try to bring them down. I designed an image that I feel communicates this — a heart, delicate and fragile with color, and, as it fills with kindness, the poison drips out.  It’s an expression of the power kindness has to overcome the pain that mean people inflict.

Get a group together and hit the streets. Draw your own heart if you want!  I you will most certainly come home smiling and feeling a little richer for your actions. 

You will help me stop my bullies by choosing one of my perks on my Kickstarter page.

I’m offering 10 holiday vests. They are sparkly and lush, designed to resemble body jewelry more that clothes.  For more details, click on my website: LOLA couture d’chiens.



We Tried Out Our Kissing Booth!

It was our first fundraising event in our Wings of Rescue campaign, and we made $46! For two hours the dogs kissed their way into the hearts of West Hollywood and a delightful pet lifestyle show, HOW MY PET LIVES, filmed the story. Our part of the story begins at 3:12.

Last week Kelly Jackson, weekend anchor on KSDK (Channel 5) and morning-drive radio host at KTRS, called. She’s helming a project called “How My Pet Lives,” a show that uncovers the unique life of pets and their people, and she invited the Beverly Hills Pupscouts to be part of the first episode. So we fast tracked the kissing booth and hit the streets of West Hollywood.


Healthy Spot lent us their sidewalk. Without permits, we needed to stay on the side street, so we ventured off in search of recruits. Tracy’s approach was great — A loud spontaneous utterance, “DOG KISSES, 25 CENTS!” My approach was not as successful. I told people who we are and what do. One of the sharktank guys said it best: “It’s not my job to listen, it’s your job to make me hear.”  Wendee knew the right pitch: “we need good looking people to be filmed.”  With that, they came in droves.


We made lots of new friends, human and pup. Some might even join the troop!


And the crew was fantastic! They got some wonderful dog closeups and dog tricks — and dog kisses!


The dogs smiled the whole time. And the booth held up perfectly!  It was a bit of a design school project, made mostly from things in my apartment. The plan is to set it up  on Halloween on the Santa Monica Pier for a few hours before we head off to the Santa Monica Pet Expo. Stop by, if you’re in the neighborhood!


Halloween is a Less than Perfect Choice For a Pet Expo

The beach
Nobody came! But did that stop the Pupscouts from having fun?  Hell no! Pupscouts bring their own fun.

The fatal flaw in this afternoon’s festivities was hosting an event on a Saturday that happened to be Halloween.   Understandable. People were probably busy getting their costumes ready for a fun night.  But we had 2 canopies right on the beach next to Santa Monica pier. We made some new friends with the fellow vendors.  We had 2 coolers full of food and drink, and a lot of good stories to share. You can’t do better than that.

the flyout girls

There was supposed to be a pet parade, but there were no pets to be in the parade! We had all dressed up as fly girls and the dogs were flying dogs.

We did get to introduce some people to the Pupscouts and to Wings of Rescue. Most were excited and offered a very positive response. This one woman totally went off on the downside of transport. She was determined to change my mind! Just because she said so.  I finally had to tell her that we will just have to agree to disagree.

There is no question that there are people out there who try to capitalize on the kindness of others, posting sad pictures and collecting donations never to be used on that dog.  But you can’t let the few destroy the possibilities of the many.  Just be smart.  Pay attention. Read the cues. Do your homework. And, TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!  You can’t let the fear of what could happen stop you from living. It’s true, any rescue effort could become a horror — with or without transport. I personally would rather take that chance than give up and die.

I rehomed 46 dogs through Wings of Rescue 2 years ago.  These death row dogs went from our loving care to reputable rescues and shelters who do home checks and take long-term responsibility for the dogs.  Most of our dogs had new homes before they even flew off.  We had 2 pro photographers take cute headshots of the dogs, dressed in holiday attire and people fell in love with them. I actually became friends with some of the new owners, and it was very reputable rescue people that guided me to reputable rescues in the destination cities. More care could not have been applied and the distance had nothing to do with it.

I think the reason this is so offensive to me is because it undermines the power of trust, and that is a bad direction for humanity to head in. Mankind’s instincts have kept him on this planet for tens of thousands of years.  Why would one choose to start doubting our instincts now?   I can tell you that my instincts have saved my life on several occasions.  I trust them innately, in everything I do.  Sometimes they are off, and that can be a horror.  But it would never stop me from trusting them.

I probably shouldn’t have brought this up, but it is an example of something near and dear to my heart.  Everything in life is a risk.  But if you don’t take the risk, are you really living? I’d rather die in the streets than live in a closet.  56% of the dogs who arrive in shelters are euthanized.  That’s an average.  Our shelter’s numbers might actually be higher.  Any chance at life is a chance to experience something. We learn from something bad as well as from something good.  So the concept that it is better to die in a shelter than take a chance at rescue personally offends the core of who I am.

End rant.  :)

We didn’t take a lot of pictures.  It was just too relaxing a day. We did take some video footage. Here are some stills taken from that footage.


Pupscout Annabella, in her wings!

coco and angel

Angel and Coco, between takes.


Kiki got so excited, she started dancing!

the pups

The kidlets got to hang together in their pen.



My book is an Absolute Gem!

I binge-watched TV until four in the morning, then slept until twelve. That’s the beginning of the perfect Sunday, so I decided to continue the motion of the day and return to the editing of my book!Open-Book

I am so proud of this piece of writing; I can’t wait for you to read it! It’s a middle grade reader about a small bullied boy who connects with the hero within and tames his bully. Even though it’s written for kids, the prose is so beautiful and the message so powerful, I think it will be equally compelling for adults.  I don’t write down to children, I write from the child within.cherishing the child within

My plan for the book was to have it back on Amazon last March, but instead I became the effect of my own bully! Adults bully differently than kids. They don’t wait for you at the end of the bike path with their friends, prepared to beat the crap out of you. Adults use words, usually in the form of boldface lies, to rally the world against you and to cause you financial harm. If your bully happens to have money, the statements might come through a lawyer. Lawyers apparently can say anything their clients tell them is true.  It’s only when they know their statements are false that they are considered negligent, and some lawyers can be pretty good at not knowing. I have an undying belief that the truth, if tenaciously pursued, will always win.  The key word in that sentence — tenacious.


But I won’t talk about me beyond saying a writer’s personal experience is what delivers powerful character development in their work. What I want talk about is bullies in general.  They are sad, misdirected individuals. They are weak.  They are broken. They work hard to make you look weak and and broken. They are hiding, probably even from themselves, and as long as you don’t sink to their level, you will rise above them. And that is the biggest message I have to deliver. Do not ever sink to their level. Find the hero within.  Rise above the ugliness. Out-create it. They are sick.  Don’t let them make you sick. Be the bigger person. Find what you are good at. Build a dream.  Set some goals and work towards that dream. Create!  And find your tribe. The sad person set on your destruction will shrink below your gaze and dissolve into nothing.88516-Be-Your-Own-Hero1

My adult friend has this crazy lady bullying her.  They went to war over a trademark, and both were denied.  But the bully, despite the fact that it was printed on government pages that no one got the rights, continued to blatantly accuse my friend of infringing on her rights!! It was insane!! How could someone stand before the world with so much confidence and spew such blatant lies? You just can’t get caught in the maze of that level of insanity.  You will not win.  You simple have to rise above it, out-create it, and be the hero within.

Another friend of mine was bullied as a kid. He had to time the leaving school so as to beat his bullies down the bike path. Five minutes late and they’d be lying in wait, ready to kick the crap out of him. He still can’t sit in a restaurant with his back to the door.  But he had a strong support system at home and he loved to read, so he survived and grew into a kind and loving adult.


My own experience has left me with feelings of helplessness and frustration. Lines have appeared on my once-young face. I have cried a million tears. I have been broken financially, ended up in urgent care, unable to breathe, and it’s been a full year of that. But I have survived, and I have also artistically thrived. Whenever things got bad, I handled what came my way, then turned my attention to creating. I have created more beauty and kindness in this year than ever before. I have made more dresses, written more stories, created more beauty than I ever thought possible.  This horror has introduced me to my own limitless power.  And that is what will persist.  Human pain has a short memory.  Beauty lasts forever.



The Joy of Creating

grace-inspiration-boardI feel so blessed.  I have skills.  I learned them.  I earned them.  Instead of partying, I learned stuff.

Learning excites me. I’m pretty much a social bore because of it. I think that makes me a scientist as well as an artist.  Really, I think, to be good at either, you need a bit of both. One is the technician, one is the dreamer. Magic requires equal portions of both.  Life requires equal parts of both! And, because I spent the time in my life learning and exploring, I get to spend my days making beautiful things.

magic inspiration board v2-01

You can’t be an artist without being at least a little polarizing.  Strong points of view clash with strong points of view.  That’s okay.  Not all gardens need all flowers. And not all flowers are perennials.  Some pop up in the spring.  Some you have to replant each summer, and some are actually weeds that want to strangle the hell out of you. It’s annoying to have to pull out the weeds, but that that is part of surviving in today’s world. Kindness is not everywhere, and there are people out there who believe your destruction becomes their victory.  Sad, sad people.

So, during the week I make dog clothes for my fabulous clients and for rescue events.  And, on the weekend, I’m working on this special project.  I am creating my vision for humans for a very special something. It’s not about making clothes.  It’s about creating a vision — telling a story that will empower those who wear it.  It needs to honor the shape of today’s female form. It’s similar to writing a story, where you want to find that universal truth, that thematic underpinning, that thing that makes people feel. That’s how you translate your voice into movement and form.

I wish I had an extra 10 hours to each day. I also wish this oppressive heat would end.  This is east coast weather, not California weather.  It’s the kind of weather that makes you yearn for the fall. Californians don’t yearn for fall, because it’s basically the same as summer, except you can wear boots.



The Beverly Hills Pupscouts Earned their Sewing Badge!


I’m so proud of my troop!  We made 15 petticoats and 19 sets of wings.

We were so busy sewing, we didn’t get many pictures.  Our cameraman took mostly video, because… we’re making a really cool video!12029649_10207570540611970_7914294182934139105_o

More on that later. The petticoats are so cute — red mesh with red grossgrain ribbon on the edges. We had four people sewing, three people pulling the gathers, pinning the waistbands and cutting the velcro. And six people cutting out and bedazzling the wings.   They did a better job on the wings than I could have ever imagined!

Brie and Leo were our guests, and Brie helped us sew!  We’re making Leo a set of wings because they are going to join us for at least some of our holiday campaign to raise money and awareness for wings of rescue.Wings-of-Rescue-Pitties-Fly-Logo-620x350

We invite you to join us on the Santa Monica Pier On Oct 31st from 10-12. We will have a kissing booth! And with each kiss, you get a little bottle of doggie shampoo!  We have a really nice benefactor who is helping us out. The kissing booth is for our video that we are making. Like I said, more on that later.  kisses

I was so busy sewing, that my poor dogs didn’t get much attention from me.  We were at Jacqui’s gorgeous house, so they did get to run free in the backyard. But they only got this far into the house. I think everyone else had more playtime. I don’t have much to write, because I was so busy.


I do know we had so much fun! Jacqui’s giant square dining room table was the perfect place for us to set up the four machines.  We talked, laughed, and had an all around fun time.  The general consensus from the afternoon’s labor was that a good invention would be a bobbin that never runs out.

Introducing My Line of Puppy Separates!

woofie and bear holiday 3

Puppy separates! My inspiration for this small collection was the beauty of dogs.woofie and bear holiday 5

bear modeling court jesterIMG_0028Their fur is exquisite. Their musculature, daring and alive.  I wanted to offer a wow factor for the holiday season, without covering the body with too much fabric.

There are times when a poofie skirt is what’s called for. Some boys like pants. Maybe you have 2 dogs who like to share clothes, and one is a boy, one a girl.  And how nice to be able to switch-up looks according to how you feel? Maybe switch out the black skirt for a hot pink one?  Or a sweater for a dress. My answer — a line of separates.


I even made a sweater ensemble! The skirt also goes with the Christmas vest.

red christmas dress and sweater

The style is inspired by court jesters, elves and the magic-makers in life. I made stockings to match.5 stockings

 Click here to see the individual components.


Introducing The BH Pupscouts Holiday Event!

We will be raising money and awareness for Wings of Rescue.

funny-cats-gangster-940x550Los Angeles has too many dogs and cats in its shelters. This fabulous organization flies those sweet pets to points north. My ‪#‎fashionSavingDogs‬campaign rehomed 46 dogs through the organization a couple of years ago. The pilots are generous and amazing people, lending their planes and time to save dogs. And the homes these dogs land in are paradise. A pitbull pup had a lake in his backyard! Another lived by the beach.

We will be earning our sewing badge making petticoats and hats so we look like stewardess (I’m filming it for the out-of-towners).


 Then we will be earning our acting badge when we make a promotional video.


Then we will be earning our parade badge when we enter our Wings of Rescue “float” in the West Hollywood Halloween parade.



And we’ll get our rescue badge when we deliver the check to Wings of Rescue. Hopefully we will earn out TV badge by getting on a morning show, or better yet, on Ellen! (okay, I know. Now I’m dreaming. You know what they say — dream big or just sleep). We even have some FL, NM and AZ pupscouts who will be helping from afar!


We will be having fun, and Wings of Rescue will be able to continue serving Los Angeles’ lost and forsaken pets.


Wings of Rescue recently suffered a devastating loss. In May of this year the plane owned by their Founder, Yehuda Netanel, a plane that was responsible for flying up to 50% of the animals that the organization save, was destroyed in a plane crash during a test flight following its annual inspection. Both test pilots perished. We are so thankful that Yehuda was not in the plane at the time, but all are still reeling in the aftermath of this sad event. Because of this, Wings of Rescue is struggling to keep up with the demand of all the pets in need of this life-saving long-distance air transport program.

With almost 3 million animals being destroyed annually in city and county shelters nationwide, Wings of Rescue is making a tangible difference with its unique alternative to the shelter system, with a lofty goal to fly 7,000 pets to freedom this year. However, with the loss of their major transportation medium, this goal is going to be more difficult to achieve unless they have the support of our Wings of Rescue friends and donors.flyinghome

Wings of Rescue’s former airplane, a Piper Malibu Mirage with a JetPROP engine conversion, was able to fly up to 60 animals each week. With the purchase of a safe and efficient previously owned Pilatus PC-12, they would be able to fly 200 animals each week. That is an increase of 140 pets that can be saved per week. Essentially with this aircraft they would be able to complete their goal of saving 7,000 animals this year and double that number for 2016. Over the lifetime of owning this plane, they will be able to save over 100,000 animals. In addition to the animals that they will be flying with their new plane, they are also freeing-up kennel space in the shelters for additional animals to have the opportunity of being adopted.

The Beverly Hills Pupscouts are so proud to be helping this organization.  Many of us are rescues, and the rest are dedicated to helping dogs who have landed in harsh circumstances. Join us!