My New Project — Let Dogs Speak


Dogs make life better.  I’m celebrating that.  The plan is to make incredible works of art, get them in front of large audiences and promote dogs — the lost and forgotten and those helping them. Cloth is my medium.  Dogs are my muse.

Sculpting is a passion I’ve held since childhood. It’s calming.  It’s a journey.  It’s an opportunity to commune with the unknown.  The air in the room becomes your co-creator.  I’ve spent my life playing with different mediums.  This project uses the medium of cloth.

My college education was sheer brilliance. My professors gave me tools that work in every medium I’ve ever touched, including the medium of life.  They also gave me some powerful skills. I had the privilege of designing for both Albert Nipon and Christian Dior. I was so young, and in search of something that just wasn’t there. I left the world of fashion and became an actor, then a writer.  Through all of that, I have had many great life experiences and I’ve mastered a lot of skills.

After rescuing my two dogs, I became a dog advocate.  I created LOLA canine couture, a line of pet fashion intended to promote dog rescue.  It’s a wonderful line – beautifully cut, expertly crafted, magnificently styled – providing for dogs the same designer quality that we expect for ourselves.  Now I’m starting a new project.

LOLA-DOG is an artistic vision I am embarking on, a project whose goal is pet advocacy.  I’ll be sculpting with cloth, creating unique and compelling forms that tell a story, a story aimed at shining a light on the beauty of dogs and what happens when humanity decides they have no value.  A story aimed at reminding us of the feeling that kindness has on the heart. The face of the world right now is a serrated edge.  I want to soften that by enchanting, surprising and at times shocking an audience.

My goal as an artist is to find meaning and bring it to life through my work.  With this project I will step beyond dog fashion into a world of thought-provoking vision.

A March show is in the works, more details to follow.  Feel free to contact me if you are interested in a commissioned work.